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2016 Spring Solar Initiative- IXL Management LLC, Has partnered with ALTA SOL to bring our clients Tier 1 quality solar panels at unbeatable prices. We bring UTAH the best value on complete Solar installations for your home or business.
July 25, 2012 - IXL Infrared Management (IXL), a Utah Commercial infrared surveyer, in association with Stockton ​Infrared Thermographic Services, Inc. (SITS), announces the launch of UniversityScanIR™ - an asset management tool designed specifically for universities. UniversityScanIR™ is a specialized service designed specifically for colleges and universities to find steam leaks, roof moisture and heat loss resulting in significant cost savings for the school.
​IXL Infrared Management is a full service Commercial infrared survey firm providing providing high quality infrared imaging services to building owners and managers in Utah. SITS was founded in 1989 and is a leading provider of infrared (IR) thermographic imaging services with a history of innovation and a back-ground in real-world applications.
Infrared thermography (IRt) as a predictive maintenance (PdM) inspection technique is widely-recognized as an effective non-destructive (NDT) testing tool used often to check electrical and mechanical systems, buildings, roofs and facilities. IR is also used to improve manufacturing processes and is utilized in R&D applications.
UniversityScanIR™ Services were designed to find steam leaks, roof moisture and heat loss on college campuses which will help facilities engineers better manage their assets. “We have worked with many universities and colleges throughout the years and our services have become a vital asset management tool for our clients,” states Greg Stockton, President of SITS. “This will bring a local face to this exciting technology” states Lance McKinney, President of IXL. “It also broadens the infrared services here at IXL and provides needed services to our Intermountain Universities. We look forward to assisting facility managers in their duties. This is a service that can provide real time information to help extend the life of flat roofs by as much as 300%, locate energy losses and provide preventative maintenance schedules to essential electrical and mechanical systems and utility services.” Mr. McKinney concludes. Read More


Hire Utah's best inspector for commercial and residencial propertires. 

Our Utah Home Inspections and Utah Commercial Inspections are performed by trained professionals and we carry a $10,000 Honor Guarantee. Our Inspection reports include digital photographs and our Infrared Inspections include Thermal Infrared Images. We can help with moisture locating, radon and mold testing.
Utah Certified Radon and Mold Testing
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