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UTAH Commercial Infrared Surveys

We offer Utah Commercial Infrared Surveys. We use infrared technology to deliver real savings to building owners. Differences in surface temperatures are what are revealed through the use of Infrared Cameras. These abnormalities can help a qualified thermographer diagnose your building.

Thermographic technology has come a long ways since it was first introduced in the 1960's. In recent years we have seen smaller, more powerful and less costly cameras, giving Infrared Thermal Inspection Specialists the opportunity to lower the costs of their surveys. Thermography has become one of the most cost effective means of identifying hidden moisture conditions in both residential and commercial buildings. Level I Infrared Commercial Roofing Consultants can help extend the life of most commercial flat roofs by as much as 300%. Level II Infrared Commercial and Industrial Electrical and Mechanical Consultants can help reduce insurance cost, forecast required maintenance on a variety of components such as: Electrical Panels, Transformers, Pumps, Motors, bearings and much more.

Infrared or IR inspections and surveys are often requested for commercial, and industrial facilities. Utilizing IR cameras certified inspectors, use the same technology found in military, aerospace, and medical applications. Infrared thermal inspections have helped commercial property investors, make informed purchases. Commercial real estate investors, commercial property management firms, residential properties, industrial preventive maintenance, building management firms, maintenance teams, general contractors, renovators, commercial inspectors, real estate specialists, builders, and renovation specialists all have benefited from this technology. Thermal Infrared Inspections are vitally important to detect otherwise unknown or virtually invisible issues and concerns. At some point in time, building owners will become affected by high energy costs, heavy rains, leaks, and periodic flooding. Infrared Inspection Technology can assist with these environmental and building concerns. With regular IR inspections controllable catistrophic events and productivity downtime can be greatly reduced resulting in direct and ancillary cost savings. REQUEST A QUOTE

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