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Net Metering

You have probably heard that if you produce more electricity than you use then you can sell it back to Rocky Mountain Power or back to the grid. The problem is you will end up selling it back to the grid for $.03 a kilowatt, and then paying $.12 a kilowatt when you under produce electricity and need it. In the end it is not profitable. Luckily, Rocky Mountain Power does something called Net Metering. Net metering is basically a credit system, allowing you to give and take from the grid as needed through credits.


Let’s break this down. Typically in the Spring and Fall you produce more energy than you use and in the Winter and Summer you produce less energy than you use. Net metering allows you to build credits in the Spring and Fall (since you overproduce in energy consumption) and use those credits in the Winter and Summer (since you under produce energy consumption). This allows you to take from the power company what you have given in excess through credits in a given year. At Alta Sol we design and implement a solar system that will optimize your energy consumption and give you the best results throughout the year to take full advantage of the Net Metering program offered.

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