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IXL Infrared Management

The possibilities for the uses of thermal infrared imaging technology seem to know few bounds. Thus far we are using this technology to locate moisture in the building envelope several ways. By plane through our AerialIR services, we scan large areas quickly and provide CAD drawings showing the roof leaks and damaged areas. On site with RoofScanIR we mark out moisture damaged areas of flat roofs prior to repairs being made. MoistureFindIR allows us to find moisture penetration into exterior walls, so that corrective action can be taken. For Commercial Facility Managers we use ElectricIR and DataCentIR to locate failing electrical components as part of our Predictive Preventive Maintenance program, to keep systems operational.

Our EnergyScanIR helps to locate specific areas of energy loss through the building envelope. Our BlockWallScanIR allows us to verify that block walls have been grouted properly and that the require remaining cores have insulation place.

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