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"Training does matter. IXL Infrared Management provides ongoing training for their inspectors. On staff, they have a Level I and Level II certified Thermagrapher."

​The principal owner of IXL Infrared Management (IXL) has over 30 years experience in construction. Lance McKinney has built and or renovated a broad variety of projects. These projects include the remodel of thousands of Military Family Housing units and millions of dollars worth commercial projects. This experience along with specific commercial and residetial inspection training uniquely, qualify IXL to bring a decerning eye to the inspection process. 

In addition IXL has Level I qualitative infrared thermal imaging and Level II quantitative training and certification. This training assists homeowners in discovering moisture and electrical issues that a visual inspection cannot discover.

Building owners and Faciltiy Managers receive assistance in locating moisture intrusion through the building envelope that reduce the life of their flat roofs and the itegrity of their structure. Predictive Preventive Maintenance (PPM) reporting brings to light electrical, mechanical issues that will eventually fail and assists by prioritizing these issues so that repairs can be made prior to failure under load. These surveys are performed without having to shut down production or processes. Infrared imaging (IR) can assist in extending the life of a flat roof by as much as 300% and greatly reduce losses due to catastrophic failure of electrical and mechanical systems.

Utah's #1 Qualified Infrared Scan Team


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