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New Breakthrough Service

SchoolSystemScanIR product enables you to scan all the system’s school roofs at once so that budgets can be prepared and repairs prioritized. In this phased approach, less money needs to be spent on school roofs that do not have problems, or have only a few or minor problems.
Here's how it works..
Phase 1
  • Facilities management sends us a listing of all flat and low-sloped roofs in the school system.
  • We send back a Powerpoint with a Google Earth image of each the schools to be included.
  • After the locations are verified correct, we fly each with high resolution IR imagers.
  • We then produce a report, showing all the roofs and pointing out the ones with subsurface moisture.
Phase 2 (optional)
  • Phase 2 work includes joint review with the Facilities Management team of the Phase 1 Report to select which, if any schools, should be upgraded to a full survey by flying high resolution aerial photographs and producing CAD drawings of the roof and roof moisture areas.
Note: We have minimum contract amounts, so for more information call 801-921-3150 or visit our Contact Us page.




Download Papers on Moisture in Buildings

Utah School Districts can now benefit from aerial infrared imaging to save money.

Utah's Premier Aerial Infrared sevice provider.
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