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​Commercial Infrared Surveys

Utah Aerial Infrared Surveys for Universities


UniversityScanIR™ is a specialized service provided by IXL Infrared Management in association with Stockton Infrared Services, designed specifically for Universities and Colleges. Substantial savings can be achieved through combining multiple tasks such as scanning for steam line leaks, roof leaks, electrical and data center infrared preventative maintenance services.

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As roof owners delay purchasing a new roof due to tough economic times, we can assist you by using infrared thermography to locate subsurface moisture in roofing materials. This technology can assist you in extending the life of your roof by as much 300%.

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PrisonScanIR™ is a specialized service provided by IXL Infrared Management, in association with Stockton Infrared Services, designed specifically for Prisons. Through aerial infrared imaging, we can deliver a detailed analysis of the integrity of your roofs. With constricting budgets we can assist you in extending the life of your roofs by as much as 300%. Additionally, if you rely on stream for your heating source, we can pinpoint leaks in your system that are costing you money through wasted efficiency.

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SchoolSystemScanIR™ is a product of SchoolScanIR™ which utilizes aerial infrared thermography to scan all the system’s school roofs at once so that budgets can be prepared and repairs prioritized.

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ElectricIR™ Infrared Surveys are cost effective. This is a non-destructive technology which causes no disruption of service…no shut down is required!

If you are a facility manager, maintenance manager, building owner…responsible for safety, production and repair at your facility, you cannot afford to be without a regular infrared (IR) thermographic survey of your electrical switchgear, distribution system and mechanical equipment.

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 70B §11.17.5 suggests that every commercial and industrial building in the United States should have an IR survey at least once a year.

Increasingly, insurance companies are requiring IR surveys of electrical and mechanical systems for their insured. Some companies may even offer discounts if you do.

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BlockWallScanIR infrared testing method can be performed at any time during the construction process without interrupting any other trades or affecting the rest of the building. These tests can assure contract compliance or be a part of an energy audit.

Having a block wall scan IR record in place can limit liability should the structure fail as a result of some natural disaster.​ 

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Our Data Center IR services include 3d infrared imaging to reveal hot and cold areas so that proper balancing of the cooling systems can be achieved. Additionally, Predictive Preventative Maintenance is performed to locate components that will fail so that they can be replaced prior to a catostrophic loss in the system. This is ideal for the Facilty Manager with 24/7 support. All thermal infrared imaging work can be performed without having to shut down the system. So if downtime is not an option consider us as a part of the solution.

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Utah Data Center Infrared Scans
Infrared Block Wall Scans
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