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Utah family searching for Solar Rebates

Take Advantage of the Tax Incentives Today!


Currently the Federal tax credit is 30% of your total system cost. This is a dollar for dollar credit against your tax liability that you can take advantage of at the end of the year when filing your taxes. This is an amazing credit that the government is offering to help home owners such as yourself invest in reliable renewable energy, and they are willing to help pay for it. For more information on the tax credit and how it works in detail please contact your tax advisor.

Federal Tax Credit


State of Utah



State Tax Credit

Utah gives a tax credit of 25% up to $2000 towards your total purchase price. Not only can you take advantage of Federal credits but you can now receive the benefits from your local government who has pledged in 2016 to assist with the cost of going green. For more information on the State tax credit please contact your tax advisor.

Immediate solar savings
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